Friday, February 10, 2012

Find: Waze uses the iPhone proximity sensor to launch hands-free traffic reporting for iOS

Clever use of proximity sensor. I can think of others....
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Waze iOS
Silicon Valley start-up Waze is launching a new addition to its iOS application today. The free GPS and turn-by-turn navigation app is designed to crowd source information on traffic jams thanks to reports from fellow drivers. Users can report traffic jams, speed traps, accidents, and even update existing information. The company is now introducing a hands-free way to activate and file reports with the iOS version of the software.
Waze, impatiently waiting for Apple to open up its Siri APIs to developers, has taken the unusual approach of using the iPhone's proximity sensor to activate a voice-controlled interface in its application. A simple wave of the hand will initiate voice-control, allowing drivers to quickly navigate, report...