Find: New iPad LTE data plans: no mobile hotspot with AT&T at launch

The verizon month by month plan with free hotspot a uniquely good deal. 

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Apple has been shuffling the data plans that it shows for the Verizon and AT&T versions of the new iPad with LTE service in the past day, and it's a little confusing — AT&T's $30 plan was originally indicated as 2GB instead of 3, and buyers still can't see all four Verizon plans that are available. Here's the definitive word on the commitment-free offerings from both operators:

AT&T (3 plans total)

  • 250MB $14.99, overage $14.99 per 250MB
  • 3GB $30, overage $10 per 1GB
  • 5GB $50, overage $10 per 1GB

Verizon (4 plans total)

  • 1GB $20, overage $20 per 1GB
  • 2GB $30, overage $10 per 1GB
  • 5GB $50, overage $10 per 1GB
  • 10GB $80, overage $10 per 1GB

Perhaps more notably, Verizon's plans include hotspot service across the board at no additional ...