Find: nearly half of us smartphones are iPhones

But android outsells ios two to one worldwide. 

Benedict Evans

(This is an extract from a report I published last week for Enders Analysis

A little observation and collation: 

All 3 US (major) operators that sell the iPhone report their unit sales, and AT&T and Verizon report total smartphone sales. The iPhone is utterly dominant. 


Even at Verizon Wireless, which has aggressively promoted Android, the iPhone is now over 50% of all smartphone sales. 

As time goes on, we can estimate what this is doing to the installed base of smartphones (which they also disclose):

Expanded distribution and the new iPhone 4S combined mean that the iPhone now has 42% of all US smartphones in use today, and growing. 

As should be obvious, this means that though Android is outselling the iPhone 2:1 globally, the iPhone is substantially outselling Android in the USA. 

(Note: the second chart is for the total US market, including T-Mobile and other smaller carriers)

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