App: Transloc

The Transloc app is a convenient app for bus patrons to easily access real-time information on bus locations and arrival times. This app is for people who use local transportation and want to know when and where the bus will arrive so they are not late or do not have to wait at bus stops. Along with a real-time map feature, it has multiple agencies and provides announcement section for when there are updates or information about particular routes. It also provides a way for users to send feedback to the transit agencies. The real problem is that you have to open the app to receive this information so if you open the app to late you might have to wait a little while longer for the next bus to arrive.  

It's functionality is really straight forward. You open the app and select nearby transit agencies that you use. Then you have the option of choosing any bus you want to learn real-time information about. You then have two options. You can click on the arrow in the list section to see approximate arrival times to all bus stop destinations or you can click on map view and see the selected routes highlighted on your screen. There are many apps with this kind of functionality and most are region specific. For example, New York has real-time transit apps, but it crosses over many different transit options, or the Cat Tracker in Raleigh.