Find: 'Triggers' iOS app - scripting actions in response to sensor events

Good idea. 

'Triggers' iOS app uses your phone or tablet's sensors in simple scripts


We're always open to tools that help with automation or basic tech literacy, so our test of iOS app Triggers entailed a swift journey from joy to disappointment. Triggers uses the same basic idea as web automation tool If This Then That, allowing users to set a condition ("phone hears noise greater than 10") and define an output. Unfortunately, while If This Then That integrates a wide range of social networks, Triggers' inputs are basically limited to the physical sensors on the device. That means you'll be able to set conditions for acceleration, light, hand proximity to device, sound, or system time. It's not a bad set, but it's a shame that you can't set triggers for social networks, app launches, network signal strength, or even GPS...