Project: RGreenway

Patrick is a busy man that loves the outdoors.Patty and Selma, need to know where to find the next sculpture and restrooms for the kids. What do they have in common? The greenway! All of them would benefit from Raleigh's Greenway App.

Raleigh's capital and resource investment combined with the RGreenway will define the America's smartest parks. Because knowing your surroundings has never been this easy.

With the RGreenway app, you can see where you are on the greenway map and even locate the closest parking parking lot.The calendar button, helps you look up events that are scheduled around the greenway trails that you might be interested in.By clicking on the weather button you get to know the current weather and hourly predictions, so that you know what kind of weather to expect during your greenway visit. With the workout functionality, you can set parameters like time, distance, and difficulty level for your run on the greenways.

The social aspect of the RGreenway app will help you share your greenway experience with friends and family. SeeClickFix allows you to report any issue of concern that you come across during your visit to the greenways.

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