Friday, March 22, 2013

Find: Google's Android unit reportedly building a smart watch

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Google's Android unit reportedly building a smart watch

According to a recent report from The Financial Times, Google might also be getting into the smart watch game. And unlike Glass, which was developed in the company’s experimental X Lab, the watch (not pictured above) is said to be under development by the Android unit, possibly indicating that Google sees it as a more immediately viable product. According to FT’s source, the Google watch is separate from Samsung’s recently-announced effort.

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  1. The idea of a computer resting on our wrist, sounds really interesting. However, though wearable smartphones appears to be a nice idea, it might be a little inconvenient to use as the size of our fingers wouldn't shrink thus making it hard to operate the device.

  2. This is just great idea and fairly new concept for people introduced by Google. I am wondering that in future Apple and iPhone will introduce such things in the market.

  3. We'll have to wait and watch what would be the target audience if the device is been developed. Watches mean smaller touch screen hence more problematic touches may be.

    Although the idea sounds interesting, we'll have to wait as to what functionality if at all Google develops it,wants to give to the user with this.