Saturday, March 16, 2013

Find: More youth use smartphones as route to web ((tags: finds, context, smartphones, indystate((

More youth use smartphones as route to web

A new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project finds that 78 percent of young people, ages 12 to 17, now have cellphones. Nearly half of those are smartphones, a share that's increasing steadily -- and that's having a big effect on how, and where, many young people are accessing the Web.


  1. I agree that most people nowadays, not only teens use their smartphones as a way of accessing the internet. I think it is because it is more convenient to access the web even when you are travelling in a bus for instance, and have nothing else to do. Also, teens are addicted to social networking sites, and they immediately want to comment, post or tweet about their activities. Having a smartphone enables them to do so.

  2. In my opinion there is nothing wrong in accessing the web via cellphone. As it is a very handy and advantageous feature for cellphones to possess. Just the way excess of anything is bad, similarly excessive dependency of the youth on cellphones can be detrimental to their growth. This demands a need of certain restrictions to be laid by parents on their children on the use of technology until a certain age group for their good.