Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Find: The PC market sees its steepest decline ever in 2013, according to IDC

The PC market sees its steepest decline ever in 2013, according to IDC


According to research firm IDC, things are not looking great for the PC industry. The firm says that PC sales saw "the steepest decline ever in a single quarter" this year (excluding tablets and notebooks with a removable screen or keyboard), down 13.9 percent to 76.3 million from the same quarter last year. If you'll recall, thats more than double the loss the industry experienced in the fourth quarter of 2012, which saw a 6.4 percent decline. Back in January, IDC noted that sales declined year-to-year during the holiday season the first time in more than five years. Today's newly reported results from IDC mark the fourth consecutive quarter that PC shipments have fallen.

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  1. This study doesn't consider computer and tablet hybrids, which the windows 8 is mainly focusing on. So, considering that the user base has majorly shifted from desktop computers to hybrids, the numbers make sense. Secondly, desktop computers last longer with minimum requirements to upgrade any hardware over a long period. So, I think a comprehensive study including the current trends, hybrids and tablets should have been considered for a better analysis on the subject rather than just focusing on desktop computers.

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