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// published on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services-Latest Proceeding Volume // visit site

Does size matter?: investigating the impact of mobile phone screen size on users' perceived usability, effectiveness and efficiency.

Dimitrios Raptis, Nikolaos Tselios, Jesper Kjeldskov, Mikael B. Skov

Given the wide adoption of smartphones, an interesting debate is taking place regarding their optimal screen size and specifically whether possible portability issues counterbalance the obvious benefits of a larger screen. Moreover, the lack of scientific evidence about the concrete impact of mobile phones' screen size on usability raises questions both to practitioners and researchers. In this paper, we investigate the impact of a mobile phone's screen size on users' effectiveness, efficiency and perceived usability as measured using System Usability Scale (SUS). An experiment was conducted with 60 participants, which interacted with the same information seeking application on three different devices of the same brand that differed on their screen size.