Spotted: Using smartphones to sense too much smartphone use

But what do you do when you sense it's too much? We hate technology that nags. 
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Automatically detecting problematic use of smartphones
Choonsung Shin, Anind K. Dey

Smartphone adoption has increased significantly and, with the increase in smartphone capabilities, this means that users can access the Internet, communicate, and entertain themselves anywhere and anytime. However, there is growing evidence of problematic use of smartphones that impacts both social and heath aspects of users' lives. Currently, assessment of overuse or problematic use depends on one-time, self-reported behavioral information about phone use. Due to the known issues with self-reports in such types of assessments, we explore an automated, objective and repeatable approach for assessing problematic usage. We collect a wide range of phone usage data from smartphones, identify a number of usage features that are relevant to this assessment, and build detection models based on Adaboost with machine learning algorithms automatically detecting problematic use.

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