Find: LG is putting webOS on its new smartwatch

Webos back from the dead?


LG is putting webOS on its new smartwatch
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LG is indeed putting webOS on a watch. Android Central has directly confirmed that the smartwatch briefly teased during Audi's CES event is running a build of Open webOS, showing that LG is exploring new uses for the software that extend beyond TVs. During yesterday's presentation, Audi's Ulrich Hackenberg briefly flashed the unannounced watch to summon a self-driving car to the stage. But a single demonstration made it impossible to figure out the underlying software of LG's new wearable. Android Central managed to track one down, and the settings screen shows "Open webOS" clear as day.

But there's much more. The settings menu also reveals that LG's new watch will be able to connect to cellular data networks (T-Mobile is pictured), so...

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