Project: BucketMap (Map Centric Team)


Tagline: "Explore the city from the eyes of a Raleigh'ite"


Tamilthaaragai Muthukumar, Nupur Mallik, Nithya Pari, Viralkumar Sanghavi, Haizhou Wu


Usually, when a tourist decides to visit a new city, they rely on information in the internet or mobile application to find out spots that they can visit. Recently a lot of mobile apps have come up to inform users of the top spots to visit in a particular city. While these apps indeed provide information and photos of the top spots, they do not interact in any personal way with the user apart from just providing information required in a list format.

Our solution

We address this problem by creating ‘Bucket List Raleigh’, a mobile app that provides an interactive map of Downtown Raleigh to users. The map highlights the most important spots that ought not to be missed by new visitors. The mobile app users can actually play around the app by clicking on buildings and discovering sticky notes that project photos, videos and reviews about them. The isometric maps that are created by expert designers project Raleigh in its true fun spirit and help users get a personal experience with the city.

Key features of the App
Once user opens the application, there are many features helping the user explore the city from the eyes of a Raleigh’ite.
·        Lose yourself without getting lost.
Guide user to explore downtown Raleigh in an isometric view with zoom in and out functionality, as an offline map. No need to worry about roaming and data plan.
·        Enjoy famous sights and hidden gems.
The most popular entertainment and fun places recommended to user by clicking one of three colorful buttons on the top right corner of the application. Each of them represents most popular “drinks”, “food”, and “fun” places in downtown Raleigh. Once user clicks one of those buttons, some clickable buildings will be highlighted on the map.
·        Smart planning of self-guided tours.
After user clicks one of the highlighted buildings, a sticky note pops up and provides practical and essential information for the user, such as, why recommend this place, history of the building, photos taken in the place, reviews collected from other users, etc.
·        Peer recommendation.
User will be ask to sign in or sign up for a new account in order to interact with other users. Once a user taps on some highlighted place, he or she can post valuable review of the place based on his or her personal experience.
·        Imagine being able to personalize.
Showing friends the direction of tonight's dinner or draw out a meeting spot as a reminder. After user clicks the draw button at the left bottom corner of the application, user is able to draw colored paths or color buildings on the map. No need to wait for GPS directions, just draw your own. Free yourself from waiting and searching for GPS directions.
Future Work
  • Handle memory management in a better way
  • Extend the concept to other cities
  • Upvote/downvote a place
  • Enhance doodling features
  • Enhance user interaction features such as adding pictures, adding more places to visit
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