Project: SquarePeg


Andrew Rather, Youngwoong Lee, Vishal Mishra, Yuang Ni



Bringing old fashioned video up to speed in a 3D world.


There is currently no application for viewing a mixture of 360 degree video combined with traditional flat video in a single viewing experience.  To do so would allow for a much better viewing experience in a more practical and applicable fashion.  Traditional video is better at presenting information, while 360 video is better at creating an immersive experience.  Mixing the two styles allows for a wide range of informative and immersive experiences.

Our application is designed to handle this within a web browser and for use with Google Cardboard.  The application allows standard motion control when you are viewing the 360 video but then suspends the controls for traditional video.

Future Work

We hope to include an interface for selecting video later on.  In addition to this, a better transition between the 2 video types would be good as well.