PROJECT : Tilt-a-Story

Team Members
Ayush Gupta, Nishtha Garg, Shifali Jain, Sagar Manohar, Sreekanth Ramakrishnan.


The children's book "Press Here" describes a charming 2D world that the reader can "interact" with by tilting and poking the book. But what if it were real? This project will explore this possibility in a mobile app. We worked on building an API using Unity3d and Playmaker which can be used by designers to build different mobile games and levels on top of it.  

Milestones achieved

  • Understanding the existing code and identify the refactorable components.
  • Built Menu development APIs.
  • Built Environment  development APIs.
  • Built Character development APIs.
  • Built Movement APIs which uses accelerometer.    
  • Built Interaction APIs.    
  • Built Sound integration APIs.  
  • Recreated Old TiltAStory Game and built new levels using the APIs  

   User can customize the menu, enviroment, Character,  Movement,  Interaction, sound according to the game requirement using our custom scripts following the simple steps explained in our designer help document. We have created different scripts for all the parts mentioned above.

Future Work
  • Support custom settings
  • Support more interactions in the game
  • Support 3D games
  • Add more visual effects and animations
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