Project : TreeFinder


Team :
Abbas Hussain , Abbey Lancaster , Bobby Radford , Daniel Streeter , Priyanka Puranaik

Learning about Trees will now be fun for kids.


You can always Google , check out on Wikipedia or ask somebody about information on trees. That is no fun. Especially if we want the children to know about trees that surround them. TreeFinder fills that gap , by helping children navigate to the most closely related tree that matches the physical qualities of the leaf they have found. The android application gets them to the tree , with a tree picture and a small description one step at a time, by answering questions about the leaves.

The original design was to use the existing Tilt-a-Story components to make it game like.

Future Work:

1. Trivia and Quiz.
2. Better , consistent and original graphics.
3. Picture taking and data gathering functionality.
4. Web services for images instead of  permanent  static links.
5. Extension to more number of trees.
6. Most importantly , interaction that makes it engaging for kids.
7. Similar app for iOS.

Representative Images :

new4  new6 Screenshot (April 26, 2016 9:44 PM)


Video : TreeFinder on Youtube