Wendy 2 (VR Project)


Srujan Barai, Samuel Jessee(CS Students) Will James, Dylan Bryant, Tiffany Kangas (Design Students)


Play as Wendy—a young woman who always imagined herself as a witch. Cuddled up with your pet cat, you sit alone one Halloween night, drinking wine and eating candy—you find yourself falling asleep and into a dream.
You awake in a magical tower with the power of telekinesis—tinker and move objects by simply looking at them for a second or so. Tasked with brewing a potion, you must solve a series of puzzles, collecting ingredients and adding them to a cauldron.
The game is designed to be a comfortable experience: have fun at your own pace without a time constraint or sore neck.
Wendy is made in collaboration with Korigame—a talented game designer and an artist.

About the Game: 

With this project, our group aimed to find and develop new ways for players to interact with VR environments. We build on top of the open-source game called Wendy to design and develop new interactions for the VR game. In Wendy 2, players use only their gaze to interact with the environment and solve puzzles. The game was made with the game engine Unity.

Future Work:

· Expand the environment and add even more interactions.
· Add additional methods of interaction via hand controllers.
· Improve and tweak animations and assets.


GitHub Link: The project has files that exceed 50 MB in size and hence gets rejected by Github.com and therefore this project cannot be made available on Github (Example file: Knife/MetalSpottyDiscoloration).

Instead, the code can be found here

Video Link (Lower graphics quality to allow recording on regular PC. On Oculus, it plays very well)