Good App Fights

App fight posts

Pick two of the apps (any of the Android or iOS apps listed for the week), install them if necessary, and with each app, walk yourself through at least the simple tasks listed with the fight. As you do so, note the differences in how you accomplish them. In particular, record points of difficulty, and where the apps failed or exceeded your expectations — especially when these are not the same in the two apps. Don't dwell too much on the functional/feature differences between the apps, focus on design choices, and how the same features were implemented differently. Then, post your observations on the class forum in the App Fight section. Use the hashtag for that particular app fight. One reasonable format would use one paragraph for each walk through, and a third paragraph comparing the two. Make sure you log your app fight in your grading log.

App fight presentations

First, each team member should make their app fight post. Next, the team should meet and compare their posts, discuss them, and seek agreement about the strengths and failures of the two apps. As the day of the app fight approaches, incorporate the posts from your fellow students on your app fight.
Next, choose the most important observations you made in your app comparison, and develop a short (10 slides or less) google slides presentation around them. You might choose to illustrate one or two walkthroughs in the apps, or you might illustrate specific app differences. You may also use the overhead projector in class to show these in real time, using one of your phones. To engage the class in discussion, highlight common themes you saw in class posts, and you might even call on specific class members whose posts you thought were particularly astute. Your entire presentation with questions should take about 10 minutes. Submit your app fight presentation here.