Good Project Grading Plans

Your project proposal should be about one page long, not including imagery. Use the project form to turn it in. Your proposal should include:
  • Team: who the members of your team are.
  • Tagline: succinct description of the problem you will solve.
  • Approach: how your app will address the problem, including citations or URLs for any papers or projects that inspire you.
  • Early prototypes: if you have any, include scanned sketches of some ideas you have for the app.
  • Grading milestones: break the project into milestones, and include the potential credit you would like to assign to each of these milestones. 
    • One milestone must be a lightweight evaluation. 
    • But generally, milestones should focus on app features, not developement steps.
    • Don't give yourself too much to do, and don't be afraid to include extra credit.
    • App store submissions receive 5% extra credit automatically.