App Reviews - Jack

Jukefox (aka Museek)
Music Player on Android

Claims to be a Pandora for MP3s. It is basically a music space which has been created through analyzing social tags of LastFM. The music space is based on the concept that similar songs will share similar tags (among other things). From the music space, relationships between songs can be determined and different play modes can be used. There is a "Play Similar" mode, where the user inputs a seed song and then the application plays song which are similar to the seed song. The idea of this is that the user may want to listen to a specific type of song. There is also a play mode which is more of a discovery type mode. The discovery mode will move through the audio space determining the user's preferences based on skipping habits. Other features exist and can be explored in the following website and pdf.


Google Sky App

This app uses the gps, compas, and time to create a virtual sky. This sky includes information such as constellations and names of stars (and more). It is a cool little app that is educational, entertaining, and visually aesthetic.

Google Goggles

This app is a visual search app. The input is an image taken by the user and the app then returns data related to the image. For example, if you are shopping and you see a stereo that you want to buy, you can take a picture of it and look at reviews of that product. It can also be useful if you want to get a review of a restaurant by taking a picture of it. The app also seems to use GPS to help narrow down the search results so the app would be able to determine which restaurant you are viewing and give you a recommendation.

By Jack Gresset