Mobile App Reviews - Sonya

Errands To-Do List

I have been using this app for about a year. It allows me to keep up with all of my to-do items in any category. Folders can be created to house and organize the different tasks. Each task has a description, a priority, and the date you added it to your list. Optionally, they can have an associated image, extra notes about the task, a due date and time, an alert, and a schedule for repeating the task. The user can view the tasks by folder, all the tasks at once, or a list of tasks that are currently due/past due (focus items).

Docs To Go

Docs To Go is a mobile version of Microsoft Office. I use a lot of Word and PowerPoint documents and it is nice to have those accessible on my iPhone as well. It would be easy to use Google Docs for this purpose, but that requires cell data if I’m not in a WiFi hotspot. Since my data plan is not unlimited, I prefer to create, view, and edit my documents locally. If I need to share them, I can always copy them over to Google Docs or something similar.


I always like to have my Bible with me and this app is perfect for that. Not only does it include the Bible and reader, but it allows you to take notes as well as highlight verses or chapters and even copy the text to other apps/documents. Several settings are customizable such as font and size as well as margins, highlight color, and display settings for the find option. You can also choose to use a variety of accompanying applications or books such as commentaries, devotionals, and study notes.