Handheld Electronic Devices - Sonya

p. 106 mentions that in order to collect data for analyzing the human hand verses the mobile device design, a device such as the Handyscan was used to collect hand dimensions. It says that they could gather the dimensions from moving objects. I wonder if that means that someone went to a densely populated place and collected this kind of data from people walking by. It makes you wonder exactly what information people can collect from you without you knowing.

The distinction between Land On and Lift Off for touch screens is very interesting. I would not have initially thought about the two different techniques. However, I can definitely see where the Lift Off technique is much more accurate than Land On.

p 135 & 136 briefly talks about the need to have differing presentations for websites based on the device that is being used. The information about translating pages into a linear content and multi-columns into single column content reminds me of the Dreamweaver presentation today. It looks like Dreamweaver is one of those devices that can do that for you with minimal work from the designer.