App: Bus Snooze

Bus Snooze (market link) is a convenient app for Android users to be alerted when they approach a given location, such as a bus stop.  While our prospective app is focused on helping you arrive at your bus on time, this app is more oriented towards making sure you don’t miss your stop. You simply set an alarm by placing a pin on the map and give it a label and some relevant information (including a time, in case you will be by the same location several times in a day). Once that's done, the next time you approach within 1km of that location (or whatever range you have specified), you will receive an alarm notification.

This particular app seemed to be one of the higher rated ones on the market, but there are several others with similar objectives. What sets this particular implementation apart is its intuitive menu system and flexibility - it can use GPS location for fine positioning, or network information for a coarser location fix. Bus Snooze is also unique in that it provides a time component to deal with more complex use cases. For example, you might ride past a stop on your way to work in the morning but stop there later in the day for groceries on your way home, etc. Overall, this category of apps (and this one in particular) are useful tools to have access to for anyone who frequently makes use of public transit.