examples for travel app

GateGuru, feat. Airport Maps 

A mobile app that helps track airport information while you have no idea about the airport that you would go through for transferring flight.

This app simply helps people to know about a certain airport that they never been and estimate the distance of concourse gate at your location while rushing to a particular gate to catch the flight. The service look-up will help the passengers to know the list of restaurants, duty free shop, speciality stores, and other services. This app also provides coupons for daily specials within airports. This would help passengers to have a better idea on their spendings at airports. 


another app that would help passengers to learn and receive infos of a particular airport they are traveling to. 

There are many apps out there like this app. But I like this app because it has a user-friendly interface. it is simple to use for beginner, it also has a voice reminder for reminding people after finish their daily routine.