Find: Android device makers still very reluctant to upgrade os promptly

... Continuing android "fragmentation". 

Android 4.0 now on 7.1 percent of devices, still woefully behind previous versions

ice cream

Google tracks the different version numbers of Android devices that access Google Play (nee Android Market) and every month or two we check in to see how the latest versions are doing. The story this month is that Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, has managed to more than double its share since early April — it's now at 7.1 percent. That's a healthy jump, but even so it's hard to avoid pointing out that previous versions of Android are still tenaciously hanging on to significant chunks of Android share. In fact, Android 2.3 increased its share in the previous two months by a small amount. Android 2.2 thankfully shrunk — but it still powers more than double the number of ICS devices accessing the market with 19.1 percent.

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