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  Spinning Wellness

Amarja Vaidya, Jayesh Shanbhag, Minakshi Korad, Sruthi Saraswathy, Prajakta Hegde
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Want to go on a bike ride but too bored to go alone? Spinning Wellness is here to provide an easy way to go on bike rides with your friends! 

Spinning Wellness is an android application to motivate students to go on longer bike rides in the Life on Two Wheels class. The Life on Two wheels class aims at motivating students to use their bikes instead of cars by making the process of scheduling group rides easy. 

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Our application provides a convenient way to enable students to go on rides together. Using the app, a student can create a group ride, join and un-join the rides that were created by others. When a new ride is created an email notification is sent out to everyone registered for the course. Reminders are provided to students when a ride for which they have registered is about to start. Hence, as forming groups to go on long rides can be fun, this would encourage students to take their bikes out more often.

As the course also involves collecting student statistics such as calories burnt, maximum heart rate, cadence, distance traveled average speed and time required for the ride the mobile application can be used to enter these details. A student can also log the ride experience by using the quick post functionality. Each student can take readings from their respective bike monitors at the end of the ride and log them using the app. The application calculates the "Top Three Riders" on a weekly basis based on the maximum distance covered. 
Record Ride Details
Top 3 Riders of the week

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Happy Biking! :-)