Project: A mixed, reality NFC-based API and game

Team Members: Meghambari Khavnekar, Juilee Tushar Chitre, Niharika Maheshwari, Saylee Tushar Chitre, Vidhya Suresh

The goal of this project is to use printed media Near Field Communication technology of Gema Touch for creating a simple API and developing a demonstration game which has the NFC interactions of tag-reading and beaming.  

Gema Touch NFC tags are embedded into a printed media form such as a card shown below. That can 'program' that card to communicate with your phone, when user touches the tags on the card. This provides with very rich interaction between the physical and digital world and exciting user experiences can be developed.

In the beaming scenario, two phones are to be tapped together and a message can be beamed from
one device to another. Incorporating these two scenarios, together with a database interaction, which is almost always present in any application, we have implemented the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The NFC enabled cards will have choices for rock, paper and scissors as well as a start option to launch the app. These cards can be placed at certain strategic locations where many users will notice it. A user can then interact with the card and play the game. When a user plays the game for the first time at a location, his opponent is the previous player that just played the game there. We have the feature of avatar selection whereby the player can select an avatar with some emotion to send to the next player who plays there. So, each time a player decides to play, he gets a kind of 'vibe' from the previous player to incorporate the psychological aspect that is present in player-to-player interaction. This will make the app more interesting and fun and will allow players to choose strategies and mind-tricks to confuse and influence one another. The scores of the players are updated and stored at an online database. If a player plays at the location consecutively, then for preventing the player from competing against himself/herself , we use a MasterMind player which is basically the CPU choosing random weapons.

In the beaming scenario, the app has social interaction with friends involved. Just imagine meeting your friend and challenging him/her to defeat you in Rock, Paper, Scissors with the app. One player chooses a weapon for the game and sends the beam request to the opponent player by tapping the cell-phones together. The other player then makes a choice and then the results are calculated by the server and displayed on both the phones. In order to keep players from cheating and trying to guess their opponent's choice, we have randomized the positions of the rock , paper, scissors choices on screen and this will add a mystery element to the game.

To keep the players engaged and to entice them to play more, we also maintain interesting statistics such as Total Wins, Favorite Weapon, Lucky Weapon and the Leaderboard which has a list of the top-scorers in the game.