Project: Walk [Your City] (iOS)

Walk [Your City] is an app designed to be implemented in various municipalities across the country that allows users to see a list of nearby, curated locations within walking distance and get walking directions to them.  Users can filter the type of destination they'd like to see and get a personalized list of nearby venues based on their current location.  Walk [Your City] iOS combines the familiarity of Apple Maps integration with the precise walking directions of Google Maps to give users the simplest navigation experience possible.  The app is designed to be straightforward and easy to use, as we want users to enjoy the experience of walking to their favorite destinations and not be staring at their phones endlessly. 

Changing the future is sometimes as simple as changing someone's mind.   People tend to measure things in terms of "driving scale", or how long it takes to drive somewhere.  However, life happens in person at walking scale.  Walk [Your City] aims to put the emphasis in our daily lives back on walking to local destinations.  By making users aware of how little time it takes to walk to nearby locations, we encourage urban walking in general.  This leads to increased traffic to local businesses as well as safer cities.  It also has the side benefits of reduced emissions from vehicles and general fitness.  It is our belief that a future where more people walk is a better future for all of us.



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