Project: BookPhysics (also known as Tilt-A-Story)

Tagline: Reinventing storytelling through tilting

Team :
Nikhil Talele
Priyadarshini Rajagopal
Joseph Sankar
Chang Wang
Ira Ramtirth

Core problem:

Books are one of the best source of knowledge and reading is a great way for children to learn. However the problem with reading is that it is a bit static. Children would absorb information better if reading is more engaging, where children can actively participate. This is the underlying issue our application is trying to solve. It solves the problem of children being passive listeners of stories. We hope to create interactive stories, primarily tilting the device to control the flow of the story. Children will relate more to the characters as they are actively participating in the unfolding of the story; thus making storytelling an all new experience.

How the app works:

The current build is a prototype. The app can take on different appearance depending on the designs. However, the inner workings of the app are generally the same.

When the user opens the app, he will be presented with instruction to start the game. The user starts the app with a tilt of his device per instruction on the screen, which brings him to the first chapter of the story. Each level has multiple scenes. There is an objective that the user needs to complete at each scene such as collecting all the red triangles. Additionally,  there will be audio guides that nudge the user into performing the right tasks. If the user fails to perform the tasks as instructed, the app will play quick audio warning such as “Wrong triangle”.  After the task at each level is completed, the user tilts its way through a dotted line path to the next story. Each path has barrier set up so that user can only move along the path and not all over the place.  At the end of the chapter, the app takes the user down a rabbit hole to the next chapter.

Extra Credit :
We have integrated GetHomeFatty idea proposed by one of the student from College of Design. In that level, we have to make sure that the Fatty reaches home faster than the bus. There are some obstacles in the way of Fatty such as fatty can lose time when he collides with bus, he will also lose time when the stones throwed by the bullies hit him and the last obstacles we have done is the girl, upon seeing the girl fatty loses his control.

Future work:

If possible, we would like to add the following features to the app in the future:

  • Puzzles: Add some puzzles to some of the levels in the story to make it more engaging for children. Additionally, children can collaborate with each other to complete certain puzzles.
  • Achievement system: Users will score certain amount of points for each level they complete. And there will be rewards, such as stickers, unlock new animated characters, etc. after they reach certain point milestones.
  • Enhanced and richer animation: More graphics, sound and animation to make it more interesting to children and increase their engagement.

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Github : 

There are two branches to this repository.
main branch points to the project without extra credit.
extracredit branch points to the project with extra credit level.