Project: Remedy

Pain Management Made Easy

David Zager, Viktor Uhnyuck, Arjun Aravindan, Nikhil Chinthapallee, and Shashank Pulimamidi


A pain tracking application that helps its user's find a Remedy quickly.


Everyone has, at one time or another, experienced pain: a crick in the neck, soreness in the back, or numbness in the feet. All we ever want is for this pain to go away as quickly as possible. When we make an appointment with a health care provider, we want to find a solution to our ailment without wasting time or money. Unfortunately, much data is lost in the time between pain occurrences and appointments with a health care provider. Furthermore, the provider often only has a few minutes to discuss and may fail to see how this pain impacts our daily life. In short, patients can't communicate enough data the providers need to make timely decisions that increase quality of life for those in pain.


Remedy is a pain tracking application that serves two purposes. For users (patients), it provides a means for communicating with a provider the facts about pains: when it started, where it hurts, how much does it hurt, and what triggered the pain. For providers, the application provides a more detailed picture of the pain a patient is dealing with and a view of patient's pain trends.

The current mobile interface prototype affords its users (patients) a view of all their pains currently being tracked, the ability to add new pain entries, and create new pains. Detailed charts and graphs have also been developed for this prototype.


Currently, the future development of this application rests in the hands of the Remedy team. Expanding on the work already done would include having non-local storage of user data, user (patient) to provider linking, and a web portal for providers to access and view important client data. Further improvements to the work done in the prototype would likely require an application to be written natively for iOS, Android, etc.