Find: Shoeboxed to move to new office, double staffing

Local co shoeboxed digitizes receipts w your mobile. Ben

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Shoeboxed to move to new office, double staffing

Durham start-up is planning to move to a larger office and double the size of its staff this year.

It will be the fourth move for the company, which archives receipts electronically for customers, since it began in 2007 in Durham's Brightleaf Square. Shoeboxed is currently located in City Place across from the Durham Athletic Park. It will move in early March to the Noland building at 112 Broadway St.

The new space is roughly four times the size of the current one and will allow Shoeboxed to double its staffing, adding roughly 50 employees. Spokesman Sonny Byrd said the positions will be in all areas, including technical positions, computer programmers, web developers, marketing, sales and operational jobs.

"This is the fourth time we've moved in just a few years," he said. "We're looking forward to finding a place that's big enough to accommodate our needs going forward."

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