Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lecture: design thinking and process (updated)

Hey folks,

Sorry I didn't get the readings out promptly this week. Because of that, we'll make our reactions due again on Friday. Here are the readings for Friday:
  • A small book about design thinking and process has been written by NC State's College of Design. Please give your special attention to the introduction by Hargrove, and the final chapter by Fitzgerald. 
  • Chris Pacione wrote a manifesto of sorts for design thinking in Interactions magazine. (As a counterpoint, please see the column by Don Norman in Core77). 
I'll post more readings soon, with their reactions due Monday night.

We will also look at the TED lecture on design thinking by Tim Brown, head of IDEO.

Finally, we may also play with some mind mapping tools. A few online tools were recently reviewed by GigaOm.

Update: I've put the results of our mind mapping experiment online here.




  1. It is interesting to think about design thinking as a methodology and I would like to share a link that shows the interview of David Kelly, founder of IDEO and the co-founder of the design program at Stanford...


  2. Since Chris Pacione (and others) thinks that a new era has begun, I'd call it the Open Age. Resources are boundless now, and so people are only limited by their ambition, really. Things like iTunesU and the Khan Academy make various educational opportunities available to almost any and everyone. We've realized that the best way to push ourselves as a whole is through sharing what we know and have learned...

  3. basics of design..