Find: Amazon to take on Apple this summer with Samsung-built tablet?

You really should pay attention when Engadget's founder, Peter Rojas speaks about the tech industry. Especially when he leads into a story like this:

It's something of an open secret that Amazon is working on an Android tablet and I am 99 percent certain they are having Samsung build one for them.

The GDGT piece goes on to present a very reasoned argument that paints Amazon, not Samsung or the rest of the traditional consumer electronics industry, as Apple's chief competition in the near-term tablet space. An idea that'll be tough to argue against if Amazon -- with its combined music (downloadable and streaming), video, book, and app ecosystem -- can actually launch a dirt-cheap, highly-customized, 7-inch Android tablet this summer as Pete predicts. Oh, and the fact that Amazon already has our credit card details will certainly make for easy adoption. Hit the source below for the full read or, better yet, stay tuned for the next Engadget Show where we'll be nerding-out with the son of the father of the father of Engadget.

Amazon to take on Apple this summer with Samsung-built tablet? originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 21 Apr 2011 06:35:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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