Feature fatigue-increasing the number of usefull functions at the expense of usability

Phones originating from cell phones or from PDA

-Calling a number from contacts

-Surfing the web

-Apt on calendar

-Send e-mail

Significant issues arose with internet and push mail

Higher complexity =lower usablilty

Having to navigate to perform multiple functions decreases ease of use yet is essential for such a small compact device

Clear task guidance and navigation aids are more important in determining usability

Gestural Interface

Usability of apple ipad

Why are there problems?

-No guidelines for gestural control

-Ignoring established conventions

-Releasing untested and unproven efforts

-Bold explorations should remain inside the company until proven

Fundamental priciples of interactive design:

-Visabiltiy: How is the user to know about non-visible controls ( swiping)

-Consistencey: Have the same operation controlled the same consistenly


-Non-destructive operations

-Discoverabilty: Menus can allow the user to discover on there own

-Scalability: sensitive screens should be scaled to size

-Reliability: Touching something you didn’t mean to, or trying to activate a command and it doesn’t register

Who doesn’t love an undo button!