Monday, June 20, 2011

Mau: 43 Things -Katie P

-Love your experiments ( as you would an ugly child)- everything isn’t going to be beautiful and perfect, just keep working.

-Allow yourself the fun of failure every day.

-Go Deep, I believe I have a short attention span and tend to abandon ideas, or get bored, how to stay focused and fresh to go deeper?

-Allow yourself to wander aimlessly, I do this anyway, its good to hear its helpful

-Begin anywhere, I tend to skip around when I get stuck, interesting idea to start anywhere

-Ask stupid question, also something I already do ( in the quest for growth, of course)

-Collaborate, not as easily done as said, but I think you come up with ideas together that you would of never thought of on you own.

-Stand on someone’s shoulders

-Don’t clean your desk!!!!!

-Things I am working but need to perfect organization = liberty

-Take field trips: I am super inspired by interacting with new places, even if it’s a walk around the block


-Coffee breaks, cab rides, green rooms: I want to create “ the waiting places” through landscape design. Places where people actually hang out, informally, what a great idea!!

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