Reactions: Mau, Hargrove, and Devices - Brendan

Bruce Mau's Incomplete Manifesto -
Generally, I'm not really one for manifestos but this one kind of strikes a good tone with me. Mau does a great job listing some characteristics of individuals who have been and are quite successful. I do not think that the majority of people would benefit a whole lot by adopting any one of these directives alone but rather if a person is focused on being successful they may find that they begin to emulate some or most of these ideas... I particularly liked the following snippets and took the liberty of listing them in reverse order for no apparent reason:
Avoid fields. Make mistakes faster. Read only left-hand pages. Don’t clean your desk. Repeat yourself. Stay up late. (#'s 40, 34, 27, 25, 21, and 18)

Hargrove -
I enjoyed skimming over some of the features of the booklet... parts of it felt very familiar like it really picked up on some themes that are fairly prevalent in modern society like the sections with the Blue Marble, golden section, and Picasso. Some of what was said about some of the challenges faced in redesigning the design curriculum reminds me of some discussions with friends of mine who suggest that parts of the university could be a lot better and so there is still quite a ways to go which does lend itself to the notion that the paradigms in the way education is taught and learned are being reconsidered. I came across an old (beyond ancient for the internets) post from Anand(tech) the other day when he finished up school here...

Devices -
For input, I feel like large strides have been made since this article was written. Most modern multitouch phones work very well for screen selection/clicking and don't leave as much to be desired as they used to. I still feel that the touch screen keyboard is antiquated as typing typically relies on tactile feedback and muscle memorization which cannot be easily replicated with virtual frames. It will be interesting to see how screen technologies develop in the next few years given that consumers are wanting screens with resolutions and refresh rates that exceed the current bandwidth of HDMI and DVI standards which is why all recent enthusiast video cards have been including display port outputs. Then there has also been some chatter recently that the next ipad may double the pixels in the vertical and horizontal directions.