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On the new version of android: competitive with iOS. 

Galaxy Nexus review

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To say I've been eagerly awaiting a chance to review the Galaxy Nexus would be an understatement. As I mentioned last week, I've been thinking pretty seriously that this device would be the next phone I lay out cold cash for. And really, is that so crazy?

The Galaxy Nexus is a beast of a device. The phone — which was built by Samsung in conjunction with Google — is the same thickness as the iPhone 4S, but sports a massive, 4.65-inch, 720p display, and a speedy dual-core CPU. In the US, it will come equipped with LTE on Verizon's network, and will also be available internationally as a pentaband HSPA+ device (I tested the HSPA+ device).

But the big story is that the Galaxy Nexus is the first phone to run Google's newest mobile...

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