Find: Eee Pad Transformer Prime with ICS: a preview of Android 4.0 on a tablet

iPads top competition. Needs lots more apps. 

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Gallery Photo: Eee Pad Transformer Prime ICS update photos

When Asus' Transformer Prime hit the market in early December, it was undoubtedly the best tablet hardware on the market. I said as much in my original review: it had a brand new quad-core Tegra 3 processor, the new 8-megapixel camera took impressive stills and video, and the keyboard dock, like the original Transformer's, continued to add an entirely different dimension to the tablet experience. However, it was the software — Android 3.2 aka Honeycomb — which held the tablet back. Not only was the browser performance slower than it should have been, but Honeycomb itself lacked the fit and finish to match Asus' great hardware. Google's Ice Cream Sandwich update is supposed to solve all that, and just last week Asus rolled out the...