Projects: final project assignments

Hey folks,

Below are the project assignments for the remainder of the semester. I will send each group an email with further detail:

  • Approved student generated projects:
    • Car Juice: Jason Brown, Richard Parsons & Dan Perjar
    • Silence: Giulio Frasca, Spencer Guy & Alton Walston
    • Assassin: Carson Holgate & Joshua Mohundro
  • Assignments to existing projects:
    • BioJam: The sustainability game, with collaborators at the Institute of Forest Biotechnology. Khiry Arnold, Matthew Gray, Christopher Kampe & Daniel Morgan
    • SeeingGreen: Visualizing Raleigh sustainability in augmented reality, with collaborators at the City of Raleigh. William Cross, Ben Fitzgerald, Michael Lee & Jonathan Morgan
    • CrowdFarm: creating a virtual farmer's market, with collaborators at two local companies and NCSU coop extenstion. Ryan Davis, Ryan Graham, Scott Graham & Ethan Steinman
    • WalkRaleigh: encouraging and supporting Raleigh pedestrians, with Matt Tomasulo of City Fabric. Dale Jackson, David Johnson & Benjamin Murray.
Those of you who had your projects approved should prepare to present your projects in critique on Monday the 19th, when we will be visited by Billy Houghteling of our tech transfer office. You can learn more about critique presentations here.

The rest of you will not begin presentations for critique until Monday 26th. (We will be visited again by Adriana Sousa e Silva on Wednesday 23rd). You should immediately begin thinking about drafting a modest proposal for your assigned project, and arrange a meeting with your external collaborators. I will send you details about how to reach them shortly. If you don't meet with them this week, try to include me. If you can meet with them this week, make sure to send me a report of your meeting, so that I iterate on it.