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Author PhotoBy Sriram Saroop, Product Manager

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Google Plugin for Eclipse (GPE 2.6) with improved tooling for Cloud SQL and Google APIs. GPE 2.6 introduces the following features:

Tooling for using Java Persistence API (JPA) to access Cloud SQL

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) frameworks are very popular in the Java community for accessing relational databases. The Eclipse Web Tools Platform offers a robust set of tools to configure and use JPA with an implementation of your choice. With the new Google Plugin for Eclipse (GPE) 2.6, you can now take advantage of these tools with Cloud SQL and Google App Engine. In any GPE project, JPA can now be enabled and configured as a project facet. The screenshot below shows the JPA facet configuration for a GPE project.

Importing the latest Google APIs into your GPE project

With GPE 2.6, you now have access to all the latest Google APIs at the click of a button within Eclipse. You can now download the latest Google APIs Java client library with the required dependencies to access Google APIs right within your App Engine project using GPE. Update notifications for API version changes will appear in your App Engine project, so you can easily keep your client libraries updated all the time. The screenshot below shows the GPE UI for adding a Google API to a GPE project.

The next time we update the App Engine Engine SDK, you will be happy to see an update notification within Eclipse prompting you to update to the latest SDK.

Please go ahead and install GPE 2.6 by following the instructions here. You can start using the ORM tooling for Cloud SQL and the latest Google APIs for your App Engine projects. We always love to hear your feedback and the GPE group is a great place to share your thoughts.

Sriram Saroop is the Product Manager for the Google Plugin for Eclipse and the Google Admin APIs. He has been a software engineer in his previous life and he is now working toward creating an awesome developer experience for Google products.

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