Find: Frog's Mark Rolston - the 'Minority Report' interface is a 'terrible idea'

Some provocative thinking here. 

Frog's Mark Rolston: the 'Minority Report' interface is a 'terrible idea'

Mark Rolston Frog

Mark Rolston holds the title of chief creative officer for Frog, the venerable design company responsible for the look of Sony Trinitron televisions in the seventies and Apple's minimalistic "Snow White" design language of the eighties. In 1999, it was Mark who personally drove the creation of to become the top-grossing e-commerce site in the world. Now, as a C-level executive with 18-years at Frog, Mark's responsible for driving the global creative vision for the 43-year old organization. More specifically, Mark's helping companies remove the "computer" from computing, making it a diffused and transparent part of our daily lives.