Project: Test Framework for Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is a wireless communication service provider. They provide customers with unlimited calling, texting and data on a fixed price monthly plan. This is achieved using a 'Hybrid Calling' technology that involves the use of either an available WiFi network or the Sprint Cellular network for making Calls and Texts.

As part of this project, we are providing Republic Wireless with an automated test framework that will help them ensure that their production system is available end-to-end for voice calls and sms to and from other mobile networks.

Currently the test framework provides the following:
  • Automates Calls and Texts over both WiFi and Cellular networks
  • Provides Data logs about the performed Calls & Texts that can be used in further analysis
  • Provides Graphical Results depicting the Success/Failure ratio of the different types of Calls and Texts made

The test framework we are providing consists of the following components:
  • A PC based script to automate Calls/Texts
  • A source app that makes the Calls/Texts
  • A receiver app to manage the incoming Calls/Texts, and
  • A centralized application that does the comparison of logs and provides the desired results

Here is a link to a video of the functioning of our test framework and App.

And also a link to its github repository:

Shown below are some of the screenshots of the Source App:

We look forward to our test framework being put to good use by Republic Wireless to test their system and help obtain meaningful results that would be of use to them.

For any suggestions or comments on the working of the app, please send us an email at