Project: Bamboo Mobile Health App ( Viewer)
Kalpesh Padia, Robert Dates, Shreyas Zagade, Pranav Firake, Pankti Desai, Yu-Ching Hu

Your health. Our mission.

Background is an existing application on the iOS and Android platform developed by Bamboo Mobile Health. This application enables patients suffering from multiple sclerosis to track their symptoms, exercise routine, and medications. The current application, however, lacks the ability to allow patients to track and share their data with their healthcare providers in a convenient manner.

To solve this problem, we have developed the Viewer iOS application. Our application allows users to visualize the data recorded using application and also create audio logs of symptoms that they might encounter while performing their exercise routine.

Below is a brief description of each feature of our application. 
  • Weekly Progress View - Displays the progress of a patient towards his weekly goals for exercising and performing physical activities
  • Voice Memos View - Allows the patient to create live audio recordings to report their symptoms while exercising or performing physical activities.
  • History (Report) View - Displays progress reports of a patient’s activity goals at various granularity levels and allow listening to recorded voice memos.
  • Rewards- A patient is congratulated and a star is shown when they achieve their weekly activity/exercise goals
  • Voice Memo Transcription - Our speech-to-text system allows healthcare providers to listen to and transcribe a patient’s voice memos to help create a better health care plan for the patient
To support all of the above features, we also designed and developed a backend using Google Firebase and Google Compute Engine platforms. The application retrieves data in real-time from our backend to create interactive charts, and stores all voice memos on the Firebase backend.

Please follow the link at the end of this post to view a video of how our application works.

Work Completed
Although we worked under severe time constraints we were able to achieve all goals that we laid out at the beginning. In addition to achieving our primary goals of developing a visual reporting application and an associated back-end, we were also able to complete two of three extra credit opportunities that we had identified.

Future Work
As future work, we would like to perform text analysis on the voice memos transcript, identified in our proposal as the third extra credit opportunity. We would also like to integrate our app with the app to create one single solution for both symptom/activity logging and tracking/reporting.