Project: SharkGame

Brantley Collins, Chandler Gonzales, Will Morris, Justin Patzer, Abhinav Rai, Robby Seligson, Jeremy Timperio

Galaga… but with Sharks!!

This app allows users to experience a fun and addictive way to learn about sharks while also highlighting the recent discovery of a shark called Galagadon.

The app works in that the player will take the role of a diver that shoots fish at incoming sharks and collects dropped shark teeth. As the player gets farther in the game, the sharks will increase in speed until the player gets hit. This will then take them to the “museum” where the player can see how many teeth they collected and the possible rewards that they unlocked. The first type of reward that players can unlock is information about the sharks themselves as you collect their specific teeth. Additionally, the second type of reward that players can unlock are upgrades that allow the player to move faster, shoot more fish, and larger fish within the game.

Future Work:
Include bosses and sharks that can take more hits
More Upgrades
Potentially incorporate levels
Include a Galagadon enemy type (Need accurate image)
Improve Sounds and Background Music

Link to Youtube Video:

Link to Github Repo:
(The game apk for android can be downloaded from the github repo.)