Project: Freshspire

Team Members: Courtney Ripoll, Cassandra Keesee, Kaylee Andrews, Amy Suh, Chang Yan, Han- Ping Lin, Krithika Sekhar

Tagline: Connecting distributors with restaurants, one deal at a time.

Our Freshspire application works with the company Freshspire to reduce the amount of excess produce that goes to waste from food distributors every year. This produce is still fresh, and yet, without an easy way for restaurants to purchase it, it goes to waste. Our application provides a way for restaurants to connect to food distributors.
The application will work by having food distributors post their food listings on the app, where restaurants can then sign in and view all nearby listings. We have created an application that provides the interface for restaurants to sign up, view deals, search and sort these deals by a variety of criteria. Restaurants can also create a profile where their contact information can be viewed, as well as a grocery basket for these purchases, and an order history for reviewing past purchases.
We focused mainly on the front end in our project, as well as focusing on our restaurant facing view. In the future, we could create the distributor facing view, creating a page for distributors to put in the information themselves, rather than having an admin manually add the information into our deal stores, where the food information is stored. As we set our milestones realistically, we did not end up with any unfinished milestones, however, we did have unfinished extra credit. The backend of the application we created was set as the extra credit, and that is something we could work on in the future as well.

Live Prototype
username: freshspire
password: pineapple