Final project requirements

Here is how to turn in your projects:
  • Present it during the final period. Explain and demonstrate your project's app in class on the day of the final. We will likely have visitors that day. The presentation will be a special version of the presentations early in the semester.
  • Create its screencast. Create a video containing much the same content as your demo. Remember to include your elevator pitch! Think of your screencast as a Kickstarter video. 
  • Post it. On the course site, create an entry containing the project's name, a short description and a representative image to the course site with the tag "projects" and title prefix "Project: ". The description should contain:
    • A tagline summarizing the app in one sentence
    • The core problem the app solves
    • A little bit about how this app works
    • Unfinished and future work
    • A link to the working site
    • Links to your video and GitHub repo
  • Submit its code and documentation. Turn in your project code and documentation using a public GitHub repository, which we will create.
    • You should also turn in your design and presentation material, including sketches, slides, evaluation and presentation videos. Think of this GitHub repo as your online portfolio.
    • Make sure to include a 100x100 pixel thumbnail image for our course project page, so we can better feature your work. Make sure to call it thumbnail.jpg.
    • Hopefully you will also use your GitHub repository for version control!