Find: Steve Wozniak comes out in support of Mike Daisey, says 'his method succeeded'

Woz says performer daisey's technique worked, and that it's end effect was positive.

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Steve Wozniak image from Flickr

The furor over performance artist Mike Daisey's misrepresentation of facts in an episode of This American Life has led to a retraction from TAL and a back-and-forth between all parties involved — but one individual that's standing by Daisey is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. In an interview with CNET today, Woz stated that he thought Daisey's work was a positive force that had steered the public conversation in the right direction, comparing it to informative political satire like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show. "I think his monologue has influenced Apple to take steps in that direction the best they can," Wozniak said of Daisey. "Because people must know there are workers who can't get medical coverage and are underage and are...