Course Projects 2015

Here are our projects from 2015. You can find more detail about these projects in site postings here. For projects from other years, please see the links below.

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Google Maps is one size fits all. But wayfinding is such a universal activity that it deserves specialization. BucketMap is a platform for "bespoke" mapping, directions that are dedicated to a particular use. It will support conventions, tourists, hobbyists, and enthusiasts of all kinds, with ads and targeted directly at them. Maps will have a homespun, hand drawn feel, with features of special interest to the target audience emphasized. Your job will be to produce a prototype map demonstrating BucketMap's potential.
Client: Pat Fitzgerald's design course
Team 1: N. Ahir, A. Covington, N. Nayak, K. Spencer, A. Srinivasan
description, video, github
Team 2: H. Wu, N. Pari, N. Mallik, T. Muthukumar, V. Sanghavi
description, video, github


The children's book "Press Here" describes a charming 2D world that the reader can "interact" with by tilting and poking the book. But what if it were real? This project will explore this possibility in a mobile app. You will work with design students to create a charming interactive prototype.
Client: Client: Pat Fitzgerald's design course
Team: C. Wang, J. Sankar, I. Ramtirth, N. Talele, P. Rajagopal
Results: description, github


As the world becomes increasingly visual, it's striking that our quiz games are still so textual. The Recognition game hopes to fill this hole. It is a visual quiz game that functions much like the old quiz show "Name that tune", in which players tried to recognize a piece of music as quickly as possible. With Recognition, players try to recognize an image as quickly as possible. You will work with faculty and students from our Art & Design department to improve a working prototype of this game. Teams producing good results may be invited to participate in further development of the game!
Client: Pat Fitzgerald's design course
Team: G. Ghali, C.H. Pawar, X.J. Primus, J. Toniazzo, S.N.T. Viswanath
Results: description, github


People suffering from chronic pain need help understanding and communicating their symptoms, and communicating them to their providers. Remedy is a local startup building an app to help people with this problem. Your job is to work with Remedy to realize an interactive prototype.
Client: Remedy and Krisa Tailor
Team: D. Zager, S. Goud, N. Chinthapallee, A. Aravindan, V. Uhnyuck
Results: description, github


This pitched project proposed a simple game designed around spatialized sound.
Client: A pitched student project.
Team: C. Stroud, N. Shrestha, D. Zaki, K. Marko
Results: description


This pitched project proposed revealing the invisible online traces we leave behind us, either to help us gain control of our privacy, or for simple entertainment.
Client: A pitched student project.
Team: T. Jenkins, A. DeLissio, P. Bailey, V. Piddempally & M. Khan
Results: description, github, app


This pitched project proposed that we earn our digital relaxation by exercising. The more you exercise, the more entertainment you unlock.
Client: A pitched student project
Team: S. Ganesh, A. Sriram, P. Satra, K. Warren, F. Chen