Course Projects 2013

Here are our projects from 2013. You can find more detail about these projects in site postings here. For projects from other years, please see the links below.

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Local startup Gema Touch embeds NFC sensors inside printed media such as posters and brochures. Students are implementing a simple API for the technology, along with a demonstration game.
Client: GemaTouch and Brent Fagg
Team: JT Chitre, Khavnekar, Maheshwari, Suresh, ST Chitre
Results: description, github


Local urban activist Matt Tomasulo’s walking campaign has been funded by Kickstarter and reported on by the BBC. Students are implementing a wayfinding app that brings the location-awareness and ubiquity of mobile devices to Walk [Your City]’s campaign.
Client: Walk [Your City] and Matt Tomasulo
iOS Team: Christopher Fox, Charon Miller, Dan Howard and Stephen Cossa
Android Team: Abhay Gupta, Rohit Kandhal, Gaurav Sanjay Halbe and Mayank Chacko


Winston-Salem is building a network of greenways, supporting biking and walking for recreation and ultimately also for commuting. Students will build an app much like RGreenway that helps citizens find the greenway, park next to it, choose their route, track their use, and plan for weather.
Client: City of Winston-Salem and Matthew Burczyk
Team: Ambika Tripathi, Hemant Gupta, Ishwarya Menon Usha, Priyanka Jalisatgi, Parikshit Deshpande
Results: description, github


People First Tourism provides tourists with an authentic experience of a foreign culture, benefiting both them and the community they visit. Students are building an app that helps tourists with scheduling, wayfinding, exploring, recording, communicating and sharing.
Client: People First Tourism, John Bass and Tim Wallace
Team: Alok Sarang, Nitin Radhakrishna Rao, Narayana Ravikumar, Spurthi Kottan, Sushma Sivakumar
Results: description, github


Beatmaking Lab teaches underprivileged populations about technology by showing them how to make electronic music. They have been profiled on NPR, and work regularly in Africa. This project will build an app for making beats.
Client: Beatmaking Lab and Stephen Levitin
Team: Daniel Kernicky, Nabajyoti Patowary, Vandit Khamker, Rohit Kadam, Vikrant Verma
Results: description, github


There is a growing biking movement in Winston-Salem, with the shared goals of fun, health, community and sustainability. Students are building an app that will collect data about their rides, for use in advocacy.
Client: Winston-Salem Community Bike Ride, Nick Hristov and Matthew Burczyk
Team: Pratik Thakkar, Leon Dmello, Nimitt Sarda, Mandar Chaudhary, Raghuveer Jagirdar
Results: description, github


An innovative grassroots biology course at Salem College and Winston-Salem State asks students to measure society’s and their own impact on the environment. Students will implement an app that enables students to gather collected data, and share their experiences in doing so.
Client: Winston-Salem State and Louise Allen
Team: Amarja Vaidya, Minakshi Korad, Jayesh Shanbhag, Prajakta Hegde, Sruthi Saraswathy, Mohanadas Janaki


An automated test framework for making calls and sending texts on Republic for us to use to ensure that the system is fully functional. Android app development for a companion application that integrates the help system, community system and data usages.
Client: Republic Wireless and Jonathan Stephens
Team: Ankit Nair, Omkar Dalvi, Nidhi Venkatesh, Surabhi Seetharam, Raajkanna Govindaraj Amudha
Results: description, github


As mobile graphics becomes increasingly more powerful, questions about how to integrate graphical environments with the mobile UI become increasingly important. This project is an exploration of those possibilities.
Client: NVIDIA and David Luebke
Team: Adam Marrs, Prairie Goodwin, Markas Hall
Results: description