Course Projects 2012

Here are our projects from 2012. You can find more detail about these projects in site postings here. For projects from other years, please see the links below.

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Helping Raleigh's citizens use their Greenway to its fullest.
Team: Loren Akin, Deepali Rai and others


Embracing Raleigh's untold histories.
Team: Jason Baker, Will Dobbins, Kayla O'Daniel and others
Design results: Bus Me video


Wherever we are, there we've been.
Team: Leonel Galan, Lawrence Lee and Fadi Qassem


Learning about Raleigh by gaming in it.
Team: Alyssa D'Avanzo, David Kinlaw and others
Design results: Code Duello — video, presentation
Results: description, github, presentation: proposal & final



Encouraging people to walk by suggesting nearby destinations.
Client: The Walk RaleighWalk [Your City] projects
Team: Dale Jackson, David Johnson and Benjamin Murray


Showing off Raleigh's sustainability projects.
Team: William Cross, Ben Fitzgerald, Michael Lee and Jonathan Morgan


Creating a collective market for sustainable farming.
Team: Ryan Davis, Ryan Graham, Scott Graham and Ethan Steinman


Teaching students about biofuels through gaming.
Team: Khiry Arnold, Matthew Gray, Christopher Kampe and Daniel Morgan

Car Juice
Helping owners of electric vehicles find charging stations

Team: Dan Perjar, Jason Brown and Brent Parsons
Details: GitHub, video

Your phone should remember when to stop ringing, not you

Team: Giulio Frasca, Alton Walston and Spencer Guy
Details: GitHub, video

Silver Bullet
A mobile implementation of the game Assassin

Details: video